Effective 1/1/2024

Registration fee of $125 and Supply fee of $75.00 is due upon enrollment and are non-refundable.
Both Registration fee and Supply fee are annual charges, being charged upon enrollment and in August of each year.


  • Due to the structure of our program and capacity regulations, there are no credits or allowances for sick days or missed days.
  • Tuition must be paid weekly and is due every Friday for the following week. If tuition is not paid by close of business Monday of that week, a $30 late payment fee will be applied to your account. Additionally, all accounts must have a zero balance by noon on Friday of that week in order to return the following week.
  • Families with multiple children enrolled will receive a 10% sibling discount of the oldest child’s weekly tuition.
  • Late pick ups: An additional fee of $5.00 for the first minute and $1.00 per minute additional minute will be added for late pick-ups and is automatically charged to your Procare account. All late pick up fees must be paid in full by noon on Friday of that week to return the following week. Late pick up fees apply at 12:30 for VPK Only children and at 6:00 pm for all others.
  • Tuition is paid on the ProCare app. Please do not submit payments to any staff member directly.
  • If at any time your child withdraws from Hope Creative School, a registration fee will be due at the time of re- registration.
  • Two week written notice is required should you decide to withdraw your child from the program at any time.


All Full Time tuition covers Monday-Friday, 7:00am – 6:00pm

Infants (Minimum 6 weeks)                                                     $285.00 per week

Toddlers (Ones)                                                                        $255.00 per week

Twos                                                                                         $205.00 per week

Threes                                                                                      $180.00 per week

Fours (Non VPK) / Fives                                                          $170.00 per week

VPK Wrap                                                                                $140.00 per week

VPK ONLY                                                                                9:00am – 12:00 noon   (With voucher – Free)

School Age / Summer                                                              $140 per week